The Evolution of a Writing App

We constantly seek to add new, useful features to Ulysses, improve its functionality, adapt to the latest technical advancements, and solve occurring issues. The following version history will give you an overview of what happened so far.

New features, improvements and fixes — the following version history will give you an overview of what happened so far.


The Touch ID update – hide your texts from prying eyes and unlock Ulysses with your fingerprint. Plus: New filter options, more icons, and fixes, fixes, fixes.

Touch ID / Password Lock

You can now protect your text library via Touch ID or with a personal password. The idle time, after which Ulysses locks itself and requires Touch ID or a password to unlock, can be determined individually.

Negative Filters

Filters can now also be used to narrow down the library content according to negative criteria, i.e. to search for texts that do not contain a certain word, phrase or keyword.

New Group/Filter Icons

A number of new icons for labelling groups and filters have been added.

Group Statistics on iOS

Combined text statistics for groups and filters, so far limited to the Mac version of Ulysses, are now available on iPad and iPhone as well.

Improved X-Callback Support, Touch Bar Accessibility

The update improves the support of x-callback-urls on both macOS and iOS, and adds a number of new x-callback-actions. Also, Ulysses 2.8 adds support for VoiceOver to its Touch Bar controls.

V2.8.1  Released April 8, 2017

This update fixes a few minor and not so minor issues that appeared in the previous version. Most notable:

  • Sharing Extension can now save to ”On my iPhone/iPad”
  • Fixed crash when creating a backup on 32-bit devices
  • Fixed a few crashes when using the app with VoiceOver
  • Fixed a crash with too long paths in Dropbox folder

V2.8.0 Released April 5, 2017

  • Removed unnecessary characters and tags when importing ENEX files
  • Fixed an issue with font weights when zooming in editor 
  • Fixed dragging groups below the last group
  • Fixed a connectivity issue when publishing to WordPress on OS X 10.11
  • Fixed rendering of superscript text when exporting to PDF on OS X 10.11
  • Fixed crash when editing footnotes in torn-off panels
  • Fixed crash when reopening Ulysses after Mac was sleeping
  • Fixed crash when closing Export Preview
  • Fixed crash when starting search in the sheet list
  • Fixed crash when importing corrupted lists in ENEX files
  • Fixed crash when undoing input
  • Fixed crash when editing links or footnotes using Chinese input sources
  • Fixed crash when spell-checking very large sheets
  • Fixed crash when adding footnotes using the Touch Bar
  • Removed unnecessary characters and tags when importing ENEX files
  • Improved handling of conflicting changes in Dropbox 
  • Improved performance of Dropbox syncing
  • Fixed issue when trying to publish to WordPress with lots of images
  • Hide “Publishing Post…” modal dialog after publishing to WordPress completed
  • Fixed keyboard issue when trying to share text from Ulysses
  • Allow auto-capitalization when using external keyboards
  • Fixed crash when removing links or footnotes
  • Fixed crash when trying to import sheets
  • Fixed crash in Share Extension when trying to share images to Dropbox folders
  • Fixed crashes when using X-Callback-URLs
  • Fixed crash when syncing large Dropbox folders


We spent the last couple of months fixing smaller issues and optimizing performance. We also made sure Ulysses feels at home on the latest OS releases, adding support for both Sierra tabs and the new MacBook Pro's Touch Bar.

Touch Bar Support

With Apple’s latest MacBook Pro, the Touch Bar replaces the function keys and can display app specific, contextual functions. Within Ulysses, users can now assign markup tags directly via Touch Bar while they write, assign keywords and toggle the sidebars. Read more...

Sierra Tabs

With macOS Sierra tabs are available as a system feature, and they also made it into Ulysses 2.7. Tabs allow you to quickly switch between multiple open texts within the same window. Read more...

Images in External Folders

Ulysses now offers full support for the TextBundle format outside its iCloud library. TextBundle combines Markdown text files and referenced images in a single file. This addition allows you to use images when working from Dropbox or other storage providers. Read more...

Evernote Import

Ulysses 2.7 allows to import ENEX files, Evernote’s proprietary export format. Users can even import ENEX files containing multiple notes — Ulysses will then create a separate sheet for each imported note. Read more...

Reading Time Goals

Writing goals allow Ulysses users to determine the length to achieve when writing a text: a number of characters, words, or pages. With Ulysses 2.7 the feature was extended: users can now even set a reading time goal. Read more...

X-Callback Support on macOS

The support of x-callback-urls, so far limited to the iOS version of Ulysses, has been extended to the Mac.

V2.7.2 Released Dec 21, 2016

This update fixes an issue that causes Ulysses to crash when trashing/restoring sheets. We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.

V2.7.1 Released Dec 20, 2016

This update enhances the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro, for example by allowing sidebars to slide in while long-pressing the respective button. And despite fixing the usual bunch of crashes and hangs, it includes also these notable changed:

  • WordPress gains a new preview theme.
  • Search matches can be selected again.
  • Evernote import is more stable.
  • Improved Dropbox login on iPad.
  • Editor no longer shows thin fonts or gets slow while typing.
  • Ulysses is no longer the default handler for plain text files.
  • Fixed some crashes during startup.

V2.7.0 Released Dec 7, 2016

We spent the last couple of months fixing smaller issues and optimizing performance. We also made sure Ulysses feels at home on the latest OS releases, adding support for both Sierra tabs and the new MacBook Pro's TouchBar.

External Folders

  • Generally improved compatibility with various WordPress blogs
  • Improved error detection on sign-in and when uploading posts and images
  • Publishing status is now stored for each account
  • Fixed a crash when opening publishing settings in full screen
  • Fixed sign-in failure when a blog does not have a favicon
  • Added a limit on the number of tags and categories downloaded from a blog
  • Fixed a bug where tags and categories where not properly refreshed
  • Improved help texts when preparing a post for upload

External Folders

  • Fixed a crash when using fenced code blocks in external sources
  • Fixed a crash when searching inside external folders
  • Fixed a bug when using long CJK file names in external folders


  • Focus mode is now disabled when scrolling to improve readability
  • Fixed several drawing problems
  • Fixed several crashes while editing sheets
  • Fixed a crash when pasting from the app 'Copied'
  • Type writer mode now stays in line when using arrow keys
  • Fixed dictation on iOS 10
  • Fixed a bug where images could not be taken from the camera on iOS 10
  • Fixed slow typing performance on macOS 10.12
  • Fixed a bug limiting the number of glued sheets that could be opened at once
  • Fixed drawing issues when using certain font weights on macOS 10.12
  • Improved performance when scrolling with line highlight enabled


  • Updated Medium preview style to latest version
  • Fixed several compatibility issues with DOCX and latest versions of Word and Pages
  • Added support for importing CSS files as HTML styles
  • Fixed wrong font display in HTML export preview
  • Fixed a crash when rotating the PDF preview
  • Fixed a bug where the ePub exporter duplicated image files


  • Generally improved reliability and performance of the Dropbox sync
  • Added support for using the Share Extension with Dropbox
  • Fixed an issue when authorizing Ulysses to use an existing Dropbox account
  • Improved handling of server-side errors in Dropbox
  • Fixed a bug where sheets created via X-Callback used the wrong filename

Other Fixes

  • Fixed a crash when moving several sheets
  • Fixed a wrong error message when browsing backups
  • Fixed a crash when emptying the trash
  • Fixed a bug where upload/download indicators did not disappear on iCloud/Dropbox
  • Reduced CPU usage when indexing files for search
  • Fixed a bug that crashed Ulysses when going to background
  • Fixed a crash when removing a Dropbox folder
  • Improved compatibility with iCloud when "Optimize Mac Storage" is enabled
  • Fixed a crash when printing on macOS 10.12
  • Fixed an issue with state restoration
  • Made sure icon selection shows number icons without scrolling
  • Fixed display of backup windows on macOS 10.12
  • Fixed dozens of other crashes



With this update, we finally deliver on an old promise. Bloggers can now publish their texts with just a few clicks or taps to their WordPress blogs; no more exporting as HTML or Markdown, no cumbersome pasting to the WordPress backend.

WordPress Publishing

Bloggers can add tags, categories, excerpts and featured images, even schedule a publishing time, and preview their posts – all from within Ulysses. Best of all, WordPress publishing is available on both macOS and iOS, allowing writers to seamlessly publish on the go. Read more...

Dropbox Support on iOS

iPhone and iPad users, who wish to sync their texts via Dropbox (as opposed to iCloud), can do so with Ulysses 2.6: As on the Mac, Ulysses now offers full support for adding Dropbox folders to its text library. Read more...

Quick Open on iOS

It was one of the most requested features from Ulysses for Mac: “Quick Open”. Writers can search their entire text library within seconds, and instantly open a text for editing, without the need to navigate through their group hierarchies. Read more...

New “Typewriter Mode”

Writers can fine tune Typewriter Mode to their personal needs, from highlighting paragraphs and sentences, to fixed scrolling and marking of the current line – for the most focused writing experience ever in Ulysses. Read more...


With version 2.6, Ulysses is fully accessible on both macOS and iOS, so it can be utilized using Apple’s VoiceOver technology. Read more...

V2.6.0 Released AUG 3, 2016

  • Improved introduction, added section on Markdown XL
  • Updated some PDF/DOCX export styles
  • PDF export: Reset page numbers after section breaks
  • Re-added a simplified RTF exporter
  • Glued sheets are again exported together
  • Read fenced code blocks as Raw Source in external folders
  • Fixed crash when editing keywords of an already broken sheet
  • Added searching for keywords and group names in Quick Open
  • Added sheet search for keywords
  • Updated iOS-style insertion point
  • Improved dragging of external folders/files to other applications
  • Added ability to edit color for filename tag
  • Reworked sorting of markup definitions
  • Fixed errors when creating backups
  • Fixed crash when trying to register a markup for a sheet
  • Fixed crash when waking Mac from sleep
  • Fixed some hard-to-reproduce crashes when working with Ulysses for a longer time
  • Fixed crash when working under older versions of OS X 10.10
  • Fixed crashes when working under newer versions of macOS
  • Sheets can now always be filtered by their filenames

  • Allow pasting images directly into editor
  • Added option to duplicate groups and filters
  • External sheets can now be filtered by their filename
  • Allow selection of sheets using external keyboard if selection is empty
  • Disabled auto-capitalization when using external keyboard
  • Improved handling of X-Callback URLs
  • Allow hiding introduction
  • Reworked library view sections
  • Reworked fonts section in editor settings
  • Split iOS preferences into general settings and editor settings
  • Can now import CSS files as HTML export style
  • Fixed look of alerts in dark mode
  • Improved legibility of filename tag in dark mode
  • Back buttons are not broken anymore when rotating on an iPhone 6 plus


This is it. Ulysses is now a universal app for  iPhone, iPad and iPad Pro. One year in the making, free update. We love you!

Available for iPhone

Ulysses becomes available for iPhone. Start a text at home, finish and share it on the road – all possible with Ulysses thanks to seamless iCloud sync and next-to-perfect feature parity on all devices. Read more...

Optimized for iPad Pro, Split View and Slide Over Support

Ulysses has been optimized for iPad Pro and now offers support for Split View and Slide Over, the new multitasking features Apple introduced with iOS 9. Read more...

Share Extension on iOS

The new share extension allows iPhone and iPad users to send content from third party apps – like texts, photos or links – directly to Ulysses. Read more...

3D Touch on iOS

Ulysses now supports 3D Touch. Users can, for example, create a new sheet from Ulysses’ icon on the home screen, or preview a sheet in the sheet list and mark it as favorite.

Individual Sorting of Groups

Groups can now be sorted individually – manually, by alphabet or by creation/ modification date. This used to be a global setting applied to the entire library and is now available on a per-group basis. Read more...

New PDF/DOCX Export Styles

Ulysses lets you export your texts to beautiful PDF or DOCX documents, fully formatted. For Ulysses 2.5 we revised the built-in styles thoroughly and added a few new ones. Read more...

DOCX Import

Now users can import text created with Word into their Ulysses library, so that important text elements such as headings, emphasis and footnotes remain intact. Read more...

Improved Keyword Handling on iOS

Keywords can now be edited from the sheet list of Ulysses for iOS. Read more...


Spotlight search is now also supported on iOS, making Ulysses’ sheets and groups accessible from the the list of results. The direct publishing of story drafts to the Medium platform – to date limited to Ulysses for Mac –, is now fully available on mobile devices. With Ulysses 2.5,  a reading aloud metric becomes available with text statistics.  New x-callback actions have been added to Ulysses for iOS, e.g. for creating new sheets and opening groups and filters.

V2.5.2 iOS Released May 24 2016


  • Improves integration with Workflow 1.5
  • Adds an X-Callback-URL action for attaching images and keywords to sheets
  • Provides result values to all X-Callback-URLs
  • Fixes a bug when importing Markdown text via X-Callback actions
  • Fixes a bug when copying sheet and group identifiers for X-callback actions

V2.5.2 Mac Released APR 20, 2016

This release further polishes our most polished release and fixes a couple of old and new crashes in the progress. And from now on, we'll never claim a superlative again. Never ever…

  • Working with multiple windows no longer kills the app
  • No sudden termination when closing an inline `code` tag under specific circumstances
  • Double-favoriting a sheet no longer makes Ulysses go down

V2.5.1 Released APR 12, 2016

Stability Release — our most polished version yet.


  • X-Callback: You can now append to a sheet and also add attachments
  • X-Callback: You can now specify the input text format (HTML, Markdown, Text; defaults to Markdown)
  • X-Callback: We have added Share actions to copy both sheet and group IDs/URLs
  • We have vastly improved the Markdown import of our Share extension
  • Send as Mail no longer adds an empty line to the email body
  • Fixed dismiss button in Editor on iPad Pro
  • You can now import ULSS files


  • Fixed crash when swiping right in Library view on iPhone
  • Fixed crash when importing DOCX file
  • Fixed crash when adding empty attachments
  • Fixed crash when accessing duplicated sheet in Favorites
  • Fixed crash when selecting another sheet while element editor (link, image etc.) was open
  • Fixed crash when opening Export Preview if no sheet was selected (duh)
  • Fixed crash when tapping norm page settings cell in Manage Counters view
  • Fixed a bunch of other crashes (rare stuff)


  • Quick Export now remembers last save location
  • You can once again change the name of the Inbox (sorry)
  • Closing statistics popover using ESC no longer triggers text completion
  • Single sheets can now be dragged directly into
  • We now allow smaller window sizes, especially in Demo
  • Improved import of external folders into library
  • Improved generation of ePubs to fix validation issues
  • Improved title generation when publishing to Medium
  • Improved performance and memory usage


  • Fixed copying as Rich Text to clipboard
  • Fixed display of search matches in sheet table
  • Fixed issues with smart tags when using multi-stage input
  • Fixed crash when hitting return inside two-char inline tag
  • Fixed crash when adding image attachment
  • Fixed crash when opening Export Preview
  • Fixed wrong list indentation after page break (DOCX, PDF)
  • Fixed a bunch of startup crashes

V2.5.0 Released Mar 9 2016

  • Now always shows keywords in attachment sidebar
  • Now allows filtering by creation date
  • Improved iCloud syncing reliability and conflict handling
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs and crashes

Improvements & Fixes on iOS

  • Now syncs collapsed groups across devices iOS
  • Completely reworked button row iOS
  • Improved startup time iOS
  • Improved navigation using external keyboards iOS
  • Improved discoverability of keyboard shortcuts with shortcut overlay iOS
  • Fixed CMD-B and CMD-I shortcuts

Improvements & Fixes on Mac

  • Reworked syncing of favorites across devices
  • Added syncing of Medium integration tokens across devices (iCloud keychain sharing)
  • Added shortcut to split sheets
  • Now uses San Francisco as default editor font
  • Improved handling of long line widths in editor
  • Improved Medium error reporting
  • Improved reliability of backups
  • Fixed some issues when publishing drafts to Medium
  • Fixed persistent sheet search field memory
  • Fixed some nasty crashes