Preview: Make Use of Code Blocks

We’re going full steam ahead with Ulysses 13. So, what can you expect? During the coming weeks, we’re going to reveal more and more details of the new features in the forthcoming release.

New code blocks

Are you a technical writer who frequently needs to embed code examples into your text? Then this one is for you: The next Ulysses version will ship with greatly improved code blocks.

You’ll have to mark up the beginning of a code block only once to let it span as many paragraphs as needed. No more backtick fatigue! Also, we revamped the appearance of code blocks in the editor to make them easier to distinguish from the body text: they’re set in a monospaced typeface (what else would make sense for a code block?) on a colored background (depends on theme). What’s more, the new code blocks will import from, and export to GitHub-style fenced code blocks. Oh, and you’ll be able to use them in external folders as well. Yay!

Preview: Color Your Keywords

We’re going full steam ahead with Ulysses 13. So, what can you expect? During the coming weeks, we’re going to reveal more and more details of the new features in the forthcoming release.

colored keywords

Ulysses adds color to your world!

At least a little bit: from the next version, you’ll be able to assign colors to your keywords. We’ll let you choose between the colors of the spectrum, and light grey. The new color will be applied automatically to all occurrences of a keyword in your library.

Preview: Write on a Deadline

We’re going full steam ahead with Ulysses 13. So, what can you expect? During the coming weeks, we’re going to reveal more and more details of the new features in the forthcoming release.

Are you a journalist or a copywriter having to submit your texts and articles before a specific date? Or a novelist aiming at 50,000 words during NaNoWriMo? Either way, the new deadlines are for you.

Deadlines enter Ulysses as an addition to our popular goal feature. Soon you will be able to not only indicate the desired length of a text but also set a date when you need to finish it. Very cool: The goal will display the amount of text you still have to write, on a per day basis. This number is recalculated every morning! With deadlines, monitoring the progress of your writing tasks will be much easier.

Web Developer and Tech Blogger Tiffany R. White: “Teaching Other People Is a Great Way to Understand a Concept”

While Matt Gemmell gave up his job as a software engineer for writing thrillers, Tiffany R. White has gone her way in the opposite direction. She studied English and had plans to write a book, but then realized that she preferred writing code over writing fiction. Today Tiffany is a front-end web developer. Writing, albeit of a more technical kind, still plays a major role in her life.

Tiffany R. White
Tiffany R. White

Please tell us something about you and what you are working on.

I am a front-end web developer in Pittsburgh, PA, US. I am currently working on a web app called Check Yo Self (a riff on a 90’s rap song by Ice Cube) to check the spelling and grammar of your markdown blog posts. I am also working on a podcast with short episodes full of the latest developer news and insights.

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Ulysses 13 Is Coming – Beta Testers Wanted

During the last weeks and months, we spent a lot of time fixing bugs, improving performance, cleaning up and assuring the quality of our apps. We have, of course, also been working on new features during that time:

  • Colored keywords
  • Daily goals and deadlines
  • Code blocks (!) with syntax highlighting (!!)

Do you want to help us ensure the functionality and usability of the new features and ship a new shiny Ulysses version with as few bugs as possible? All you need to do is fill out the application form. Registration closes April 20, 2018, so don’t wait too long. Many thanks in advance!

Apply for the Ulysses 13 beta program!

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Psychologist and Writer Nick Wignall: “Ulysses Gets out of My Way in All the Right Ways”

Nick Wignall works as a psychologist in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he also resides with his wife and two young daughters, in an “old home that always needs fixing and repairs.” Despite many professional and private obligations, he manages to carve out regular writing time. Nick has published numerous articles and two books covering questions of psychology and self-help.

Please tell us about you and something you’re working on.

Portrait Nick Wignall
Nick Wignall

I like to say that I’m a clinical psychologist by day and an author by early morning.

As a psychologist and therapist, I do a type of counseling called cognitive behavioral therapy for folks struggling with insomnia and anxiety disorders like panic, OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), and phobias. Unlike more traditional forms of therapy, it’s a very action- and goal-oriented form of counseling, so I’m often out driving with my clients who have driving phobias or helping my insomnia clients strategize a plan for a better evening routine.

But in addition to my clinical work during the day, I’m also interested in how we can apply the insights and techniques from the clinical psychology world to help folks meet the ordinary challenges of life – maintaining a consistent exercise routine, communicating more effectively with partners, getting quality sleep, finally finishing that novel we’ve been working on for years! So I spend my early morning hours writing and doing research either for articles on my website or future book projects.

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Saving Lifetime: Quick Open

With Quick Open, you can search your entire text library within seconds, and instantly open a sheet for editing — you don’t need to navigate through your group hierarchies. Sounds like a small thing? Hey, if you only save 10 seconds per sheet thanks to Quick Open, and you’re looking for six sheets per day for the next 30 years, this sums up to 8 days in total! You could spend this time on vacation or use to write a short story, for example.

So, if you usually click or tap through groups and subgroups before you start writing, today may be the day to change your habit and embrace Quick Open!

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About Living, Working and Writing in Bali – Interview With Startup Founder Matt Oldfield

Work and live where other’s holiday – for Matt Oldfield this dream has come true. From the Indonesian island Bali, where he is residing with his family, he pulls the strings of his online dive travel agency ZuBlu. In our interview, he talks about his workflows and tools for managing the content of the company’s website. Also, Matt reveals what made him go to Bali and if his life is as dreamlike as it sounds.

Please tell us something about you and what you are working on.

Matt Oldfield
Matt Oldfield

My name is Matt Oldfield, I am a photographer, writer, biologist and diver based in Bali, Indonesia, although originally from the UK. I left the cold and wet behind over 20 years ago and lived in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo, for more than a decade, then did a lot of traveling before ending up in Bali nearly 6 years ago. My wife is from Java and we have a beautiful daughter – Saraswati – who was born in Bali.

Having worked as a freelance photographer and writer in Bali for the last 6 years, I recently launched a new online dive travel agency – ZuBlu – for which I am responsible for managing all of the site’s written content, amongst many other jobs!

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4 Ways to Use Ulysses’ Attachments to Organize Your Freelance Writing

Although I’ve spent most of my working life as an employee, from time to time I’ve taken freelance writing jobs. Since I work here, my favorite tool for these is… well, you guessed right. One reason for this is Ulysses’ attachments feature. So, while I believe attachments are helpful to almost any writer out there, I would like to share some special tips for freelance writers, taken from my own experience.

For starters, Ulysses attachments can be keywords, goals, notes as well as images and PDF files. They belong to a sheet, but not to the text on that sheet, i.e. they will not be included when you export. You can access attachments via the paperclip icon on the editor toolbar.

Access attachments in Ulysses for Mac (left) and iOS (right)

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“Writing Is a Primary Way That I Express Myself in the Larger World”

David is a teacher and administrator of his school’s science department, currently based on Long Island, New York. In his opinion, reflective practice is crucial for any educator; writing is his way to do it. Ulysses is not only his chosen tool for this but also helps him save time with his administrative chores.

Please tell us something about you and what you are working on.

David Knuffke
David Knuffke

I’m an educator currently based on Long Island in New York. After 12 years as a teacher, I became the administrator in charge of the department I taught with during September of 2016. Next year, I’m moving back into the classroom and moving with my family to Singapore. Outside of my immediate job responsibilities, I work on a lot of different things related to education more broadly.

Which role does writing play in your life?

Writing is a primary way that I express myself in the larger world. My job requires me to write quite a bit, but outside of the responsibilities that I’m paid for, I write regularly for my blog, and for other professional organizations and associations that I’m a part of.

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